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Gene and Variant Databases

Accelerate test turnaround and enable confident decisions with expert-curated gene- and variant-level insights for NGS data interpretation and reporting

Analyze with Precision. Interpret with Confidence.

Uncover critical and timely genomics insights

Across all genomic profiling applications, from research to molecular testing and pharmaceutical development, the ability to identify and interpret potentially actionable genetic alterations is becoming increasingly difficult.  As NGS tests increase in size, more biomarkers are uncovered, and demand for routine testing soars, labs need the most up-to-date, biological and clinical information directly in their informatics pipeline to identify and classify variants rapidly and confidently. 

Confident classifications for every gene, every variant

Transform unstructured data into actionable insight. By aggregating, manually curating, and modeling scientific literature and professional guidelines with semantic consistency, QIAGEN Digital Insight’s portfolio of gene- and variant-level databases captures biological, phenotypic, therapeutic, and outcomes information that enable variant- and disease-specific classifications for every alteration in every disease for every patient case.


Pharmaceutical development

Overcome inefficiences in your drug development program with real-world genomic data and expert-curtated content to identify biomarkers, optimize study designs, and improve patient outcomes.

Clinical NGS testing

Accelerate test turnaround and enable confident decisions with expert-curated gene- and variant-level insights for NGS data interpretation and reporting for germline and somatic applications.

Academic Research

Translate samples into actionable insights and scientific breakthroughs with expert-curated databases to help you analzye, interpret, and report genetic variation and biological function.

"We value QIAGEN’s commitment to deliver the highest quality of manually curated knowledge for analysis and interpretation of content through its extensive and comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enable accurate and standardized clinical reporting."

Augusto Rendon, PhD
Director of Bioinformatics and Genomics England
The 100,000 Genomes Project

Download the white paper

The importance of expert curation in clinical NGS testing

High-touch, expert curation methods are essential to provide consistent and accurate biological and clinical variant interpretation. In this white paper, learn about the different methods of data curation for clinical NGS testing, best practices for incorporating data into clinical reports, and the value of combining automation and human judgment in decision-making.

Explore our databases for gene- and variant-level insight

Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer (COSMIC)

Explore the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer with the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource.

Human Somatic Mutation Database

Gain deep insight into clinically observed somatic variants to better understand and define precise function and actionability.

Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD)

Shorten the diagnostic odyssey with the de-facto standard resource for identifying inherited disease-causing mutations.

QIAGEN Clinical Knowledge Base

The content core of QIAGEN’s clinical NGS variant interpretation and reporting solutions with 40+ databases and 2 decades of curation.

Want to know more?

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QCI Interpret

Clinical decision support software for NGS inherited disease, hereditary cancer, and oncology applications

QCI Interpret One

Clinical decision support software integrated with professional interpretation services for NGS oncology  applications

QIAseq NGS panels

Out-of-the-box and custom NGS panels enabling digital DNA and RNA sequencing to confidently detect low-frequency variants