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Hematological Malignancies

Simplifying hematological malignancy profiling

Hematological malignancies are known to have a multitude of aberrations across the genome, including somatic mutations, fusion genes, and copy number alterations. Yet no one technology can efficiently assess all of these aberration types, making the profiling of hematological malignancies time- and labor-intensive.

The importance of comprehensive genomic analysis for hematological malignancies

The genetic complexity of cancer cells in hematological malignancies requires a comprehensive approach for detection of relevant changes. The identification of copy number gains and losses, LOH, cnLOH, clonal heterogeneity, and ploidy status as well as mosaicism are all critical for evaluating blood cancer samples to discover new biomarkers. 

Solutions for hematological malignancy testing

QCI Interpret One

Clinical decision support software integrated with professional services for evidence-based reporting of NGS oncology tests at scale

QCI Precision Insights

Professional variant interpretation service for oncology NGS tesitng

QCI Interpret

Clinical decision support software for NGS variant interpretation and reporting