Reveal the genetic mechanisms of inherited disease


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Reveal the genetic mechanisms of inherited disease

How integrative analysis of multi-omics data accelerates biomarker and target discovery in inherited disease

The analysis of multi-omics data has enabled unprecedented advances in discovering biomarkers and drug targets for genetic disease. Yet, these studies often have multiple data formats, differing metadata for samples and clinical phenotypes and incongruent ontologies, making it extremely challenging to compare and integrate the data properly. In addition, research groups often face gaps in bioinformatics skills required to process and analyze the data correctly or in biology skills to annotate and curate the data.  

What if managing and interpreting ‘omics data were easy and manageable—less resource-intensive? Imagine how genetics disease research could advance if time and expertise could be reallocated elsewhere. With our powerful platform for multi-omics data integration, deeper insights into inherited disease research are right at the fingertips.  

QIAGEN’s solution for biomarker and target discovery for inherited disease provides access to standardized analysis pipelines for easy mining, cross-study and cross-analysis of internal ‘omics data. Go further and gain deeper insights into data by comparing it to relevant public datasets, which our experts have pre-processed and curated. Gain a fundamental understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying clinical phenotypes via advanced analytics and visualizations to help quickly spot patterns across data that may help identify biomarkers or gene signatures. Quickly and easily customize and export data to share with colleagues, to facilitate collaboration and exchange of insights. 

Accelerating genetics research has never been so easy. Download our brochure to learn about this inherited disease solution that empowers biomarker and target discovery in genetic disease by revealing deep biological context and insights while saving valuable time and resources.