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Trial Accrual and Drug Market Plans

More easily find the right patients and quickly move to recruitment and regulatory acceptance with QIAGEN Real-World Insights (RWI)

Real-world data tells a different story

The frequency of cancer biomarkers detected in research studies differs from what is observed from testing in the clinic. Real-world data helps you better understand the actual numbers of patients with a particular cancer type and where and for which biomarkers are being tested.

Providing information on current molecular testing trends, QIAGEN RWI allows for an expanded view of cancer indications to be evaluated for your drug for maximum reach and success. 

“Understanding the monthly frequency at which alterations are discovered and the geographic locations of these real-world cases can support trial enrollment needs."

Sheryl Krevsky Elkin, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at N-of-One, a QIAGEN company

Inform clinical trial plans and market decisions

Knowing where cancer patients are being tested and for which biomarkers can help design more effective clinical trials and later market drugs as they are approved. With QIAGEN RWI, you can:

  • Determine the frequency and location of patients identified with the molecular and diagnosis criteria for your clinical trial
  • Understand patient geographic testing trends and overlay locations of United States clinical trial sites for competitor drugs
  • Determine the frequency and location of patients eligible for your approved targeted therapy

Leverage Real-World Insights

QIAGEN’s RWI portfolio combines robust real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and advanced analytics to achieve better decisions faster in early drug and test development.

To access RWI, you can: 

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Biomarker and Cancer Indication Selection

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Molecular Profiling and Response Analyses

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