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Pharmaceutical Development Bioinformatics Services

Whether validating predictive biomarkers, designing a new companion diagnostic (CDx), or honing your study accrual and go-to-market strategies, we have the pharmaceutical development bioinformatics service offerings to set you on the path to success.

Unlock the power of drug development data

Having data that are consistent, reliable, and well understood is one of the biggest challenges facing pharmaceutical research and development.

To bring the power of precision medicine to more patients, pharmaceutical companies must overcome the barriers of finding, capturing, converting and organizing actionable data for improved decision making throughout the drug development process. 

From research to regulatory submission, we help you connect data to insight for optimal biomarker selection, efficient trial design, and faster drug development.

"Customers now have access to QIAGEN’s global presence, broader Sample-to-Insight solutions offerings, expertise in molecular diagnostics, extended support in hereditary-germline indication testing, and increased research and development investments." 

Sean Scott, Vice President of Business Development, QIAGEN Digital Insights

Optimize your drug development strategy 

Across the drug development lifecycle, our bioinformatics services provide customized support for your program—from the earliest stages of strategy and planning through FDA approval to commercialization. 

Combining unparalleled data resources, with advanced analytics, and scientific and regulatory expertise, our pharmaceutical development bioinformatics services deliver insight solutions matched for your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical Development Bioinformatics Services:

  • Translational data analysis
  • Real-World Insights (RWI)
  • Customized projects
  • Consulting 

Accelerate your translational research 

Life science and pharmaceutical companies create and consume vast amounts of complex data. We provide large-scale omics data analyses for diverse types of translational research, including pre-clinical and clinical studies (RNA-seq, Exome-seq, and targeted sequencing assays).

Leveraging proprietary software, expert-curated knowledgebases, and open-source tools, our team performs advanced bioinformatics to answer your scientific questions and generate meaningful insight. 

Leverage Real-World Insights

The majority of cancer patients today are diagnosed and treated outside the context of clinical research—that is, in the real world. 

QIAGEN’s Real-World Insights (RWI) is a professional and personalized service empowering pharmaceutical companies to better understand your target populations. Combining robust real-world genomic data from over 200,000 cancer cases and advanced analytics, RWI helps you choose optimal biomarkers, expand drug usage to new indications, and confidently answer critical questions.

Customize your drug development project

Create and deliver bespoke drug development projects with a range of flexible options and services tailored to your unique requirements.

Customize in-house access of data for analyses with public and internal datasets for immediate insights to inform your translational and clinical development teams. Our experts work with you to develop the informatics tools and evidence resources you need to get consistent, reliable and actionable results through all phases of your study.

Strategize with expert guidance 

Looking for an experienced partner with a shared passion for innovation? QIAGEN Pharmaceutical Development Bioinformatics Services deliver valuable insights to support a successful clinical drug development plan with minimal time, effort and cost. 

We work as an extension of your team, providing strategic consulting services to maximize the impact of your research, study and go-to-market plan.

Get started today

Request a consultation with one of our pharmaceutical development bioinformatics specialists to discuss your specific research requirements.

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